The Dozing Dzo

The Dozing Dzo

Bringing a taste of the East to the West!

Open the last Friday of every month
Balmung, Mist, Ward 12, Plot 35

Next open on 30 June 2023 @ 15:00 EST

Enter our Rainbow Drink Contest! Best rainbow-themed drink will become a permanent addition to our menu. Please also enjoy our rainbow-themed special menu items, this month only:

I took my birth in the elegant melody of a song,
in a silver goblet wrapped in a blue offering scarf,
in a long song’s fair and elegant melody.
And, in man's destiny of joy and misery,
I took my birth in the elegant melody of a song.

- Begziin Yavuukhulan


Our bartender, Monkhbat, will take all drink orders at the bar while Temuujin, our chef, will come to you to take food orders.We are staffed by NPCs for simplicity's sake. You can simply emote placing and receiving your order, as well as making payment before you leave. Real gil is not used.



The Dozing Dzo is a bar and grill located within the premises of Kholyn Ger in Mist, Ward 12, Plot 35 on Balmung. We offer a wide variety of tasty food and refreshing drinks from our open kitchen, a stage for performances and a relaxing lounge and library.


If you're interested in booking our stage for a performance, just get in touch with one of us below to discuss so we can ensure the venue is vacant.